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Don’t fall prey to acidity, cure it with Diet

21st century is the time of fast foods, processed foods, sugar laden drinks and convenient foods which are affecting our health considerably. Almost every second person faces one or the other gastrointestinal problem like acidity, bloating, gas formation, heart burn due to the refined and high fat foods.  Acidity is one of the most common out of these, but is also one of the simplest to cure! Acidity occurs when more acid is produced by the stomach and to neutralise it, one should include alkaline rich foods in the diet. Diet Mantra recommends including some healthy alkaline foods in your daily diet to curb acidity.

  • Include banana, watermelon and cucumber in your daily diet. Watermelon juice is great for curing acidity. These fruits are alkaline in nature and helps in marinating the ph levels of the body.
  • Coconut water soothes the system thus relieving acidity.
  • Boil some mint leaves in water and have a glass after meals. 
  • Raw cabbage juice has an immediate relief effect on acidity.
  • Drink aloe vera juice in the morning.
  • Have fennel seeds after the meals. They help in digestion thereby reducing the production of acid.
  • As one feel fatigued at the time of acidity, so it becomes important to include magnesium rich foods like whole grain cereals, green vegetables in the diet to reduce the fatigue levels.
  • Regular acidity problem can lead to diabetes in the long run. Acidity causes ph changes due to which hormones could not work thus increasing the chances of increased blood sugar levels.
  • Chronic acidity can result in the depletion of calcium in the body. To neutralise the effects of acid, body secretes calcium from the bones, thereby resulting in calcium deficiency.
  • Basil leaves are popular for their medicinal properties. Chewing say around 5-6 basil leaves relieves acidity to a lot of extent

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