Monsoon has started with rain showers pouring every now and then.  Although we get relief from the intense heat of the summer season, monsoon brings with itself some health risks as well. Due to the high humidity levels during the monsoon body looses water from sweating resulting in lowering of salt levels in the body. This can lead to dehydration. Digestive system also becomes less efficient during the rainy season. Right selection of food during the rainy season can help you enjoy the most in this season with good health.

  • Eat only light and easily digestible diet like fruits, vegetables and cereals. Eat foods which are drying in nature like chana (chickpea), besan (gram flour), jow (oats), corns, barley, brown rice.
  • Non vegetarians should opt for grilled and tandoori meat which needs less oil. Avoid fish in rainy season as they could carry some infections with them.
  • Oily, fried and the spicy food are a strict no no. Street food too is avoidable. 
  • Avoid very sour foods like tamarind (imli), chutneys and pickles as they promote water retention.
  • Include bitter vegetables like karela and bitter herbs like neem (basil), methi (fenugreek) seeds; haldi (turmeric) as they are rich in anti-oxidants, prevents infection and boost immune system.
  • Due to the sluggish digestive system during this season, salads should be kept to minimum. Instead one should go in for sauté, boiled or steamed vegetables. Also, avoid having cut fruits and salads from outside as they could be a source of infections from outside and might results in episode of diarrhoea.
  • Including small amounts of honey in the diet during this season is beneficial as honey is an excellent tonic that helps in keeping the intestine disinfected. Honey also assists in the digestion process to carry out its functions properly and effectively. 
  • Vegetable soups are a wonderful option for this season as they are full of micro-nutrients that help combat infection.
  • Avoid too much of salt in the diet as it promotes water retention and bloating.
  • Incorporate plenty of ginger and onion in food preparations as they help in exterminating the microbes in the stomach.
  • Increase the intake of fresh citrus fruit juices and lime in the diet as they provide vitamin C which helps in boosting immunity. Lots of pudina-mint works wonder with digestive system. It can be used in chappatis/ raita/ drinks/ chutney/ dips/ salads etc.
  • Monsoon is the season for the breeding of bacteria, so it better to avoid junk, spicy food and water from street vendors.
  •  Drinking water has to be boiled and cooled or filtered through special filters.


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