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It’s near to your dear one: The day of diabetes

 ‘Diabetes mellitus is the burden of the 21st century’. Many colleagues, researchers and other stakeholders use this phrase today. But is this really true?

Yes, it is true that we are currently experiencing a fast growth of a number of people with diabetes mellitus. This is driven by an exceptional increase of obesity prevalence all over the world. Obesity is not only related to high income populations but increasingly common also in lower and low income countries.

Do we know India is presently home to 62 million diabetics and this no. is expected to cross 100 million mark by 2030? The worst part is 44 lakhs Indians don’t know that they have diabetes. Most of us think that Diabetes is a disease of modern and urban world but contrary to it Diabetes affects more people in rural India (34 million) than affluent urban Indians (28 million). Definitely, western lifestyle, increased obesity rates, erratic eating habits have played a major in the increased no. of Diabetics. With increased no. of Diabetics, the rate of other associated diseases is also on the rise as a diabetic individual has enhanced chances of heart attack, stroke, amputations, nerve damage, retinopathy and most importantly kidney disorders.  Very few of us know Diabetes is the number one cause of kidney failure in the world.

The GOOD news is that Diabetes is a preventable disease. Awareness about the Diabetes with modification in Diet and lifestyle can play a major role in preventing and controlling the epidemic of Diabetes.  On the occasion of World Diabetes Day, Diet mantra shares some useful tips for Diabetics…………………

  • Identify the symptoms: frequent urination, rapid weight loss, loss in vision, anxiety, frequent thirst and hunger pangs, excessive sweating.
  • Calculated diet planning is required for Diabetics as per their body type and blood sugar levels. Keep a food dairy under the guidance of Dietitian.
  • Choose high fibre slow release carbohydrates like oats, millets, jowar, brown rice, leafy greens.
  • Limit white potatoes and refined grain products in your diet.
  • Be smart about the sweets. Enjoy a small serving of your favorite dessert now and then. The key is moderation.
  • Have 1 tsp of methi seed powder daily.
  • Eat small and frequent meals.
  • Exercise! A must. Changing eating habits can be effective in diabetes prevention, but most effective seems to be to “walk the diabetes away”; 10000 steps and more a day prevent diabetes sustainably, but more importantly 1000 additional steps to the normal daily amount of steps – even if much less than 10000 – are as effective as 1000 mg metformin8.





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